Dedicated Staff

Whether teaching or in the office St Patrick's Primary Parramatta staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

If you wish to speak with a teacher or the principal you can contact St Patrick’s Primary by phone on 8832 4600 weekdays between 8:30am and 3:30pm or send us an email.

Staff at St Patrick's Catholic Primary Parramatta

Leadership Team

Principal Ms Bernadette Fabri
Assistant Principal Mrs Leanda Standring
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Franca Bonserio
Coordinator 2 (Mathematics/Science) Mrs Jenny Barclay
Acting Coordinator 2 (Literacy) Mrs Viviana Williams
Acting Coordinator 1 (PDHDE) Ms Claire Stephenson

Class Teachers

K Matilda Ms Yasmine Tabone
K Alexander

Mrs Chantal Tuetue

1 Clancy Mrs Eva Youssef
1 Sebastian Mrs Viviana Williams / Mrs Sue Rhee-Jadrabieb (Wed)
2 Mackellar Ms Steph Barton
2 Young Ms Sarah Couzal
3 Lindsay Mrs Franca Bonserio / Mrs Vicky Agarwal (2nd Thursday and every Friday)
3 Thiele Mrs Jeanette Dib
4 Brinsmead Mrs Alyssa Vernon (Mon/Tues) / Mrs Tanya Masefield (Wed/Thurs/Fri)
4 Greenwood

Ms Julia Hagi (Mon - Thurs) / Mrs Sue Rhee-Jadrabieb (Fri)

5 Coorong Ms Claire Stephenson
5 Timara Ms Ivy Chan
6 Park Mrs Anne Fardell
6 Wrightson

Mrs Bernadette Carroll  

Specialist and Support Staff

School Counsellor Mrs Katie McGrath (Tues/Wed/Thurs)
Teacher Librarian Mrs Debra O’Dwyer
Music Specialist Ms Jane Chifley
Physical Education Specialist Mr Nathan Su
Reading Recovery Teacher Mrs Lorraine Veljkovic
Numeracy Specialist and Lead Teacher Mrs Jenny Barclay
Literacy/Learning support/Diversity Mrs Michelle Mannino
Supplementary Teacher Mrs Samantha Pope (T/W/TH)
Supplementary Teacher Mrs Laura Tannous (T/W/TH) 
Supplementary Teacher Mrs Angela Allison (T/W/TH)
Leadership Team Release Mrs Laura Tannous (Fri)
Leadership Team Release Mrs Vicky Agawal (Fri) 
Teacher Assistant/Admin Mrs Samantha Baaini/Mrs Chris Cadman/Mrs Rachel Scuderi/Mrs Genevieve Smith/Mrs Pascale Tleyji


Senior Finance Secretary TBC
Administration Officer (Front Office) Mrs Antonella Carbone
Site Manager and Maintenance Mr Sean McIntosh
IT Trainee Mr Henry Clemson