Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to be a child-centred faith community within an innovative, interactive learning environment


Our Vision - St Patrick's Catholic Primary Parramatta


Our Mission is to

  • live out the Gospel Values in a visibly Catholic tradition
  • nurture students for Christian leadership
  • create a range of learning experiences which allow children to progress at their own level
  • assist our students to develop into independent thinkers, with a deep sense of responsibility and justice 
  • lead each individual towards reaching his or her potential 
  • generate a sense of community and compassion in which all experience belonging
  • provide opportunity for all

We Value:

  • Faithfulness to the Gospel
  • Respect for all: striving for tolerance, appreciation and understanding of each other’s differences
  • Caring for each other: being supportive, encouraging, reflective and sharing
  • Confidence: developed through resilience and optimism
  • Fairness and integrity: embracing equity, inclusiveness, trust, honesty and a sense of social justice.
  • Co-operation: recognising the right to, and responsibility for, a safe learning environment
  • High Expectations:, creating perseverance, independence and commitment to learning
  • Self Management: utilising strengths, being well-organised and working towards goals
  • Excellence: encouraged, recognised and celebrated
  • Belonging: reflected in a strong school spirit. 

School Prayer

Lord, your presence is the only true peace;
help each of us to remain peaceful at all times
and to bring your peace to everyone we meet.

We ask you to send your spirit of peace into our school,
our families, our country and our world.

So together we say..
I honour my God,
I am loyal to my school
I love my country


School Motto

sub tuum praesidium